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Malikai Tension Leg Platform
Also known as Malikai TLP. First in Malaysia. Second in the world ! Its an honour to be part of Hook Up & Commissioning Team. I've learn A LOT, from the site in Pasir Gudang Johor until the sail away of the Platform. So much memories too. Thank you all.

(Photos by Shell)

Gateway to Phuket (Day 1)

Sunday, April 1


It is unexpected decision that I have made.
Know my boss is not going to be around for the next 4 working days makes me think on going for a vacation.
My original plan was going on a trip alone to Langkawi Island.

Somewhat, IHY 'brainwashed' me & said, why don't I just follow CMZ on her trip to Phuket for SPE.
Accommodation & transportation can be covered by her.
Why is that?
Cause she can claim from it aside than food.

There was it, a perfect holiday gateway for me...
Talked to her & she was really happy that I could accompany her.
I never thought that she would not mind !

Blue Sky !

24 March 2012
We took the first flight by Malaysia Airlines to Phuket at 9.35am.
Since I'm following CMZ, I have to help her out in settling her task.
If I did not followed her, she'll be doing all the task alone.
That would make her stressed.
I do not want my room mate to be stressed at any caused.

Discussion with Ms K on SPE Event for the next day.

Before going out for THE mission, of course we walked around THE resort !!
Breath-taking !!!

On the way to BEACH !

Cafe/Bar beside the beach

Path to the BEACH !

The PooL


Me + CMZ

There's swings too !! ♥

Enough said.

And our room....
Dear SPE, thank you so much...
The room was so spacious !!!
I'm sorry that we could not post the photo due the *censorship*
Ahaks ;)

Here you go !

Yes, we jumped on our bed...

CMZ Super excited face !

And here we go for THE mission !

CMZ Discussion with the hot chick

The Plan

While doing we're on missions to complete the task...
Expected to reach there early and come back to the hotel early.
What actually happened...

Visited Cashew Nut factory

Site seeing @FantaSEA

 And at last, back to THE mission on going to Centara Grand...
 Did not manage to snap the hotel due to work...

and also checking out at...

No, its not for us...


Watched Monkey Show with CMZ !

And took a ride of our life...

An elephant ride !

& Fed them too ♥

Indeed it was extremely FUN FUN FUN ♥
Last stop was the SEAFOOD !
We were worried at first, it's because Mr Ray bought us to a dodgy kind of place...

No, we did not take the lobster...

Arrrr !

We managed to visit the whole Phuket within a day!
No kidding!
We were surprised too!

Is indeed was a fun Saturday at Phuket !
Thank you, Mr Ray! (The awesome taxi driver)
for 2,200 Baht.

Owh, thank you CMZ :D
GF Forever ! <3 


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