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Malikai Tension Leg Platform
Also known as Malikai TLP. First in Malaysia. Second in the world ! Its an honour to be part of Hook Up & Commissioning Team. I've learn A LOT, from the site in Pasir Gudang Johor until the sail away of the Platform. So much memories too. Thank you all.

(Photos by Shell)

A Lesson In Psychology

Sunday, March 11

A Lesson In Psychology

When someone laughs too much,
Even on stupid things,
Be sure that person is Sad deep inside...

When someone sleeps a lot,
Be sure that person is Lonely...

When someone does not talk much,
'n If he talks, he Talks Fast,
Be sure the Person Keeps Secrets...

When someone Can not Cry,
Be Sure that Person is Weak...

When someone Eats in an Abnormal Way,
Be sure that Person is Always in Tension...

'n Finally..
When someone Asks about you,
Although that person May Be busy,
Be sure that someone Loves You.. !

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