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Malikai Tension Leg Platform
Also known as Malikai TLP. First in Malaysia. Second in the world ! Its an honour to be part of Hook Up & Commissioning Team. I've learn A LOT, from the site in Pasir Gudang Johor until the sail away of the Platform. So much memories too. Thank you all.

(Photos by Shell)

Bandung [20 - 25 June 2011]

Thursday, June 30

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Day 1

It was an awesome holiday for Skippers !

And I found out that it was 16 Celcius...

Bandung Airport. (c)AlHilal

The first time that I went out from Malaysia with my friends.
It does makes me feel excited yet nervous.

We stayed at Amaris Cihampelas which is located at... Duh, Jalan Cihampelas.

Jalan Cihampelas during the day...

I woke up around 4.00 am local time, due to my body alarm.  Yes, i DO wake up early during my holidays. 

Thats right !  We planned our trip earlier... Thanks to FE !!! Ngeeeeee :D

1st Stop, Pasar baru.  So many shops, so many levels and so little time.
Lve is the only one who really shops.

Pasar baru is an awesome place for bargain.
You can even get an item less RM30-RM50 or even more compare to Malaysia price !
Its really a heaven for us...

Plus, Pasar Baru is rich with Fabric Shops!
Around 2nd & 3rd Level, homigod.
Fabrics everywhere !!
We did not dare to buy any of the fabrics due to lack of knowledge on it :(

We even did not snap any pics for Pasar Baru due to safety reasons.
Horror k...

Next Stop !
Rumah Mode. It does not pronounce as mode.
but mo-de. 'mo' as in 'more' and 'de' as in 'duh'. (kindly silent up the letter 'h')

Its a beautiful place ! I was shocked !
It does not look like a shopping place.
It looks more like a garden to me !!

In shocked. FE is loving it.

Awesome right ???

Rumah Mode


And of coz we went shopping after that :p

The last place of the day, was Cihampelas Walk.
Is like The Curve, Damansara.
Very nice and CLEAN.

Coz of the excitement...
We only have few pics over there.

Cihampelas Walk

It was the day that me and Lve shopping day !
FE having sore legs due to super long walk.

Next stop, Jalan Riau !!!
Its our shopping heaven tho ;)

Lve tooks quite a no of pics tho...
Heritage was the 1st place we went for shopping!

Enuf said.
Another factory outlet ;D

Its T-SHiT Store. Get it ?? :D

Secret Factory Outlet

Shopping with Lve @Secret

Another factory outlet

Only for the Rich & Famous ;p

Next stop, Jalan Dago ;)

Gossip factory Outlet !

JB was there !!! TR was excited to met his cardboard JB

Yes, even a bus can turn to a shop...

Inside the bus :O

Star factory outlet

Dinner time ♥

FE happy with her Playbook by Blackberry

1 candle is not enough... So we grab 2 more candles at last, I see the light !

After the dinner, we did shop a little bit more and straight to hotel since the shops are closing :(
But still, Lve shop the most.
Heeeeeeeeeee :D

Last day of the trip !!!
Me & FE went separate places, she prefer to go somewhere else than shopping with us :p

B'fast discussion

L♥ve needed 2-3 pair of jeans and Toko Tiga was THE place that everyone said its a jeans heaven + CHEAP !

with Lve

THE Toko Tiga

A jeans heaven indeed

They even have their own tailor !

After Toko Tiga, we went back to the hotel and had some rest.
Went for dinner at Cihampelas Walk at The Kiosk.
Did not take pics much tho due to tiredness... :D

Last day to shop !
Lve planned to go a last day shop at Pasar Baru!
Nothing interesting tho.
Just shop shop shop n shop ! ;)

Riding angkutan kota to Pasar Baru :) Only cost Rp 2,000

As recommended by FE, Paris Van Java is a must visit to Bandung.
Right after Pasar Baru and hola... (Yes, we shop til THAT late)
Nothing is cheap there, their branded items are more less the same as KL price.


This is PvJ
Dinner at the Man Utd Cafe, PvJ !
They serve Western Food there...
Cafe at day, pub at night.

Look at the waitress, SEXY !


Balik time !!
So many things to buy but so little time :(
Thanks to Amaris Cihampelas for the halal food that they served. :)

3 BIG BAGs ;p

Check in time~

Lve boarding pass

Makan2 near airport after check in.  FE & TR

On that day itself, somehow the PM of Indonesia came for a visit and delay our flight by...
An hour ?
While waiting for their PM finished the visit...
We were having...

Camwhoring Session with FE ♥

And TR with his iPad session

After the PM visit ended...
Boarding time~ ♥

Riding heli to home? IN YOUR DREAMS, TR !! :D

with Lve before boarding on the plane.
It was an awesome trip I ever had.
With FE, I think I can complete my mission to go all over the globe ;)
Will be back to Bandung next time !


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