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Malikai Tension Leg Platform
Also known as Malikai TLP. First in Malaysia. Second in the world ! Its an honour to be part of Hook Up & Commissioning Team. I've learn A LOT, from the site in Pasir Gudang Johor until the sail away of the Platform. So much memories too. Thank you all.

(Photos by Shell)

Harley Davidson Cafe, KLCC

Wednesday, July 13

13 July marks 鬼塚脇 アイン tanjyobi !

鬼塚脇 アイン !!


It was supposed to be a surprise makan2 at... 
Well, within KLCC.
The first plan was that we wanna rush at Umai-Ya thats located at Level 4.
But somehow, we ended up at...

Guess... H. D is the clue..

Harley Davidson Cafe, KLCC !!!

I think we were the first customer of the day...
There not even a SOUL except the waiter/chef (yes, 2 role in one) himself.
For those who loves quiet place, its an awesome place to eat ALONE.

The counter

鬼塚脇 アイン loves this bike... O_o
I do not really recommend the food at this place.
As if they only re-heat the food.
Even the fries are soggy...

Grilled Salmon.. more like burned salmon... :(

Potato Wedges for 鬼塚脇 アイン 's

Nice place but... Ugh !!!
They should employ a better person to do the dishes !!

Ewww... This cup has not been clean properly ! See the orange spot ?? :(

Thank god, i can drink thru the can itself D:

It was suppose to be an awesome lunch with 鬼塚脇 アイン.
Well, she does not mind.
Homigawd... She's so kind :'(

Yes, nice view and place.
But the food... 
Please, think more than twice before enter to the place !

That will be the first and the last time I will enter the place.


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