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Malikai Tension Leg Platform
Also known as Malikai TLP. First in Malaysia. Second in the world ! Its an honour to be part of Hook Up & Commissioning Team. I've learn A LOT, from the site in Pasir Gudang Johor until the sail away of the Platform. So much memories too. Thank you all.

(Photos by Shell)

Hair Cut

Thursday, February 9


Year of Water Dragon.
Somehow it reminds me of Hatori Sohma from 'Fruits basket'.
Encouragement from a very important person, suggested that I should get a  new hair cut.
And I did it.
This shoulder length haircut.


It does makes me feel like a new person.
A new life.
The new me.

Less emotions.
Less stress.
And I could care less about people.

Source: eanno

And my hair used to be this long.


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